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Random Comics- Mr. Fallback


I just added my demo reel and my other animations into my portfolio. Click below to see the demo reel....



Here is a FREE preview of Pig-mint book I and II!


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New Pig-mint books coming soon!!!!




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On May 15, 2010 I attended an auction hosted by the Safari Club. View details here....


Great News! Pig-mint black and white is now available for order. Click the banner below to check out the books..

Pig-mint II is finally done and available for purchase. Go to to order or click the banner or button below.....

On April 28th I attended the Chalkfest down in Saftey Harbor. It was quite windy but I was able to complete a Pig-mint drawing in Calk on the sidewalk. Here are some pics from the event.


This is the latest pig-mint commercial for "Pig-minties."

This a Lexus commercial I put together for the highwayman Robert Butler's book "40yr Retrospective"....




Here's is my friend's Blog. Click the image to check it out....

Pig-mint has also just showed up on Check out the link below...

This just in!.....Pig-mint is now on and! click the links below....


Pig-mint has shown up in New Zealand...

James is Pig-mint Approved!

I just added new hats to Coveman Online Stores. Click the images to check them out.





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